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hotels, accomodation

16. 3. 2012


five-star hotels
an apartment or villa
go camping ( live in a tent
full or half board in our hotel.




amount paid ahead of time to secure a reservation

You will not receive your deposit back if you cancel.

double bed

manželská postel

a bed large enough for two people

They are a family of four, so give them a room with two double beds.



a level of the building

The swimming pool is on the main floor.


front desk


the place where guests go to check in and out and to get information

Towels are available at the front desk.



a person that is staying at the hotel

Our washrooms are for guests only.


levný hotel pro studenty

a very inexpensive place for backbackers and travelers on a budget

In the hostel you probably won't get your own room.

hotel manager

hotelový manažer

person in charge at the hotel

I'll let you make your complaint to the hotel manager.


úklid, údržba pokojů

staff members that clean the rooms and linen

Put a sign on the door if you want housekeeping to come in and change the sheets on the bed.

ice machine

stroj na led

a machine that automatically makes ice that guests can use to keep drinks cold

There is an ice machine by the elevator on all of the even numbered floors.

indoor pool

vnitřní bazén

place for guests to swim inside the hotel

The heated indoor pool is open until 10 pm.


jiné slovo pro hotel, hostinec, hospoda (dnes jen v názvech)

another word for "hotel"

There's an inn on the other side of town that has a vacancy.

hot tub

horká lázeň (vana)

a small hot pool for relaxation

Our honeymoon room has a personal hot tub.

king size bed

obrovská postel

extra large bed

A room with a king size bed costs an extra ten dollars a night.



a small fridge and cooking area

Your room has a kitchenette so you can prepare your own breakfasts and lunches.

late charge

pozdní platba

a fee for staying past the check-out time

You will be charged a ten dollar late charge for checking out after 11 am.



sheets, blankets, pillow cases

We will come in and change the linens while you are out of your room.


vstupní hala, foyer

large open area at the front of the hotel

You can stand in the lobby and wait for your bus.

luggage cart

vozík na zavazadla

a device on wheels that guests can push their luggage on

Please return the luggage cart to the lobby when you are finshed with it.

maximum capacity
the most amount of people allowed
The maximum capacity in the hot tub is ten people.
accommodations that are slightly cheaper than hotels
Our motel is very clean and is close to the beach.
The guests next to you have complained that you are being too noisy.
parking pass
parkovací průkaz
a piece of paper that guests display in the car window while in the hotel parking lot
Display this parking pass in your window to show that you are a hotel guest.
platba za shlédnuté pořady
extra charge for movies and special television features
If you order a pay-per-view movie, the charge will appear on your bill.
pillow case
povlak na polštář
the covering that goes over a pillow
Room 201 doesn't need their sheets changed, but they requested one new pillow case.
queen size bed
obrovská postel
bed with plenty of space for two people (bigger than a double)
They have a queen size bed so the small child can eaily fit in the middle.
cost of renting a room for a certain time period
Our rates change depending on the season.
a request to save a specific room for a future date
They say they made a reservation but it doesn't show on the computer.
room service
pokojový servis
delivery of food or other services requested by guests
If you would like a bottle of wine, just call room service.
sauna [so:na]
a hot room for relaxation, filled with steam
We don't recommend bringing young children into the sauna.
single bed
a bed for one person
The economy priced room includes one single bed.
sofa bed
rozkládací postel, přistýlka
a bed built into a sofa or couch
The room contains a sofa bed so the room actually sleeps five.
used to cover and dry the body after swimming or bathing
You can get your swimming pool towels at the front desk.
volné místo
available rooms
We only have one vacancy left, and it is for a single room.
sluha (převezme auto)
staff that parks the guests' vehicles
If you leave your car keys with us, the valet will park your car underground.
vending machine
jídelní automate
a machine that distributes snacks and beverages when you insert coins
The vending machine on the fifth floor has chocolate bars and chips.
a window that offers a nice image for guests
The room is more expensive because it has a spectacular view of the beach.
wake up call
buzení telefonem
a morning phone call from the front desk, acts as an alarm clock
What time would you like your wake up call?
weight room
a room that guests can use for exercise and fitness
Our weight room has a stair climber and a stationary bicycle.